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DNA of extravagant luxury

Subtle, oriental and powdery for the "Parfum" - Floral, fresh and fruity for Pluie d'Osmanthe



Absolute Freshness, Patchouli, Floral

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Parfums Rares

Aqua di Aix et 13ème Note

Audacity, power, refinement and "gourmand"...



Osmanthus, the new trend in artistic parfumerie

The Osmanthus has been cultivated in China for its scents for over 2,000 years. This is a small shrub with white flowers and delicious scents. Little known to the general public, the Osmanthus  is a real treasure for fine perfumery.


It is in the mystery and purity of the most rare essences that the aura of luxury reaches the sublime.
Say nothing, to better feel and explore the infinite of the absolute.
Let yourself be possessed by this exquisite revelation.

Our expertise is in selecting the most precious elements and then concentrating them into their absolute, essential form: "l'Absolu".


The femininity of jasmine, rose and amber are sublimated here by the sensual opulence of Gardenia.

White wood, musk and orange blossom contribute to the oriental and captivating notes of Extatic Gardenia.

Finally, vanilla brings a touch of delicacy that reveals this unique composition as the sensual and mysterious fragrance of “ la seductrice ”


Sublime luxury

Black orchid is a rare  elegant flower whose subtle  fragrance evokes luxury. Symbol of fertility black orchid is an  unavowable promise .

Rich, bewitching, voluptuous, this fragrance combines the wild sensuality of black orchid with the  enchanting power of amber and precious wood.


Le parfum rare d'Aix en Provence

A mesmerizing unisex elixir, an homage to refinement, elegance and mystery. Discover the esprit of the vibrant French perfume through the transcendant Aqua di Aix.


Le patchouli sublimé

wood and sandalwood from Mysore. A sensual fragrance originally designed for men, this elegant blends has become a favorite of women who love patchouli and for all patchouli fans.


Floral et frais

Soft, delicate, mesmerizing, fragile and mysterious… these are words, that define the feminine beauty and spirit of a woman.


La fraîcheur absolue

51 essences enrich and highlight the hesperides base of what is one of the most original and refreshing Eau de Parfums ever created. Characterized by an unparallelled cool sensation, the absinthe brings personality and an excellent lasting power to the perfume on the skin.

Parfum Gourmand

A unique, sensual, and delicious gourmand perfume that dresses a woman in an irrepressible desire to indulge!

Epicé et boisé

An exclusive perfume, one for a man of mystery, power, and strength. The 13th NOTE for men is aromatic, fresh and spicy.

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